Frequently Asked Questions

No, IV vitamin therapy and hydration are not a trend. As society has evolved, our focus has changed from the treatment of disease to the prevention of disease. Investing in your health today will optimize your tomorrow.

An intramuscular (IM)/booster shot is an injection into a large muscle, usually the deltoid or gluteus. These vitamin injections take only seconds to administer.

An IV push involves the insertion of a plastic catheter into a vein for vitamin Infusion. The infusion is administered slowly over 10-20 minutes.

An IV drip involves the placement of a plastic catheter into a vein. Therapy consists of a mixture of vitamins and antioxidants placed in 500-100mL of an isotonic solution. This will infuse over 45 minutes to 1 hour.

When nutrients are infused into the bloodstream, or given intramuscularly, they bypass the digestive system which in turn increases cellular bioavailability to nearly 100%. This means our bodies are able to obtain higher vitamin concentrations because they are not broken down by the GI system. The body absorbs approximately 25% of oral supplements.

There are a few services that require lab work, including vitamin C and vitamin D. You will be notified prior to your appointment if your service requires blood work.

If you’re pregnant, normal saline fluids are a common options for infusion. We will need a doctors order for anyone who is pregnant to receive our services. Breast feeding mothers do not need a doctors order.

Depending on the vitamin being administered, the clearance time ranges from a few days to a few weeks.

Treatments are administered by either Certified Nurse Practitioners or Registered Nurses.

Yes, depending on what treatment you are receiving, this time frame varies. The medical staff at IntegratIV Hydration will be able to guide you according to what needs you have. IM injections may administered weekly depending on what the vitamin is.

Mild discomfort may occur during IV catheter insertion. Once the catheter is in place and treatment begins, you should not feel any pain.

In order to book a party, arrangements must be made with staff via Email, Phone or Social Media Messengers. We require at least a 48 hour notice for parties 6 or more. A 50% non-refundable deposit is due upon booking. Your entire party must arrive within 30 minutes of the first scheduled appointment. Parties booked on Sunday will have an additional $30 fee applied.

Groups of 6-14: 10% Off each IV Drip

Groups of 15 or more: 20% Off each IV Drip

Are There Travel Fees?

Yes, we do have travel fees.
Groups of 3 or more will have $20 added to price of each IV plus travel fees
• 0-3 miles - $75
• 4-8 miles - $150
• Above 8 miles - discussed upon booking