Zen Drip

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Starting at: $303.00

 This drip has multiple uses, and is sure to be a favorite!  Our Myers Cocktail is utilized in this drip with additional ingredients and increased doses of magnesium, amino acids, and B-complex.  This double recipe infusion will assist with migraine alleviation, anxiety, and sore, aching muscles.  

What’s inside:

  • NS or LR.  
  • Myers cocktail base with the addition of the following:
    • Magnesium
    • Taurine
    • B complex
    • Tri-AA
    • Glycine

5 reviews for Zen Drip

  1. Jason

    I felt relaxed before the drip was even over. The next day, I felt even better! I have felt so good, an overall sense of well-being for several days now. I will definately be back for this drip.

  2. Beverly Leday

    I feel awesome! I went yesterday and I was hurting especially in my wrists. I have Lupus and when I tell you how good I still feel today and the energy.! I must do this once a month. Yes indeed! I enjoyed my visit with the nurse. Thank y’all so much!

  3. Emily

    This drip is awesome. Halfway through the infusion I was very relaxed and even had the giggles! I slept like a baby that night. I highly recommend this one!

  4. Melanie Hebert

    I’m thrilled to say that this drip help me recover after a three day migraine. I’ve had chronic migraine for over 37 years. Within a couple of hours, I was feeling great! Saying good bye to pharmaceuticals, and hello to Integrativ hydration!

  5. Mike

    I was having an anxiety attack and a friend recommended this drip. I headed over that day and by the time I left, I was a hundred times better! The acute anxiety and panic I was feeling literally melted away during the infusion. I highly recommend this drip and this company.

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